Would You Eat Mustard Pizza?

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New York is known for its pizza, which makes this recent development even more surprising. While much of the city’s pies stick to tradition, the Detroit-style pizzeria Lions & Tigers & Squares has introduced one of the most unusual versions of pizza ever. And as usual, the internet doesn't know what to think.

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A lot of pizza places offer pies that are based on other types of food, like barbecue chicken, but this one might be taking it too far. This pizza, which is based on a sandwich, has mustard instead of tomato sauce, one of the most integral parts of a traditional pie. It also has corned beef and sauerkraut. And the crazy thing is that the owners were inspired by another pizza with mustard on it, so this idea didn’t start at Lions & Tigers & Squares. Mustard pizza is actually a thing in New Jersey, and after a trip to Trenton, the New York guys decided to try their own version.

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According to the owners, mustard pizza came as a result of an intoxicated man trying to order a mushroom pizza but slurring his words. Apparently, it was successful enough to become a New Jersey tradition, and now it just might spread to the Big Apple. On top of this, with all of the attention it’s getting online, it could become a worldwide alternative.

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And just in case you’re wondering, Detroit-style pizza is square-shaped and made with a lot of brick cheese and thick crust, so customers of Lions & Tigers & Squares are used to the unusual. Check out the video below to learn more about mustard pizza...


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