When Uber's GPS Goes Wrong

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An Uber driver in San Francisco got stuck on a staircase and blamed his GPS. He was driving his white Toyota Camry on Market Street through the Castro district when the Uber app’s internal navigation system told him to turn down the stairs. And for some reason, he did...

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Upon further investigation, it seems that, even with the wrong directions, this mistake could’ve been avoided. The area around the pedestrian staircase is full of signs like yellow paint, a curb and trees. What makes this even more unfortunate is that there is a driveway located just beyond where the driver took the ill-fated turn. So close yet so far.

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While there were a couple passengers in the car at the time of the accident, no one was hurt. People at the Safeway across the street called a tow truck, which took a while to arrive. When it did, the cable it was using to free the car snapped and sent the Camry flying into a public trash can, knocking it off its screws.

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This same scenario was depicted on the NBC show The Office, where the lead character Michael Scott, who wasn’t known for his intellect, drove into a lake after receiving faulty directions from a GPS. As crazy as the San Francisco incident sounds, it’s not the first time this has happened. In 2014 a taxi driver did the exact same thing on the exact same set of stairs. Sometimes lightning strikes twice.

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