The Weirdest Photos From Google Street View

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In its attempt to photograph the entire world, Google's street cameras have captured some extremely bizarre pictures. Over the past few years, Google Street View and Google Earth users have come across some strange sights. From people having lunch with their pet llamas to depressed superheroes taking naps on park benches, there is seemingly no limit to the weirdness on display across the globe.

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Being a superhero is exhausting. There's all the jumping, all the punching and kicking, all the hiding of your true identity. Sometimes you just need to grab some sleep wherever you can find it. Or, maybe this hero has simply become disillusioned by his role in this world. Hopefully he feels better after his nap.

The photos in this article are some of the strangest of the strange ever culled from the Google photo bank. Some of them are clearly people messing with the cameras, and others are just straight-up inexplicable. They may inspire you to go on a Google Street View safari of your own.

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