Want A Great Full-Body Workout? Try A Heavy Tennis Racquet

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Tennis is an afterthought for most athletes and fitness gurus, but it shouldn't be. The sport can provide an incredible full body workout, while exposing participants to a mental struggle against their opponents. Even if you aren't looking to get involved in tennis, at least try playing sometime with a heavy racquet. Why? You will feel the burn like no other.

You probably don't think there's a lot of difference between a 10 ounce racquet and a 12 ounce one, but over the course of a tennis match you will feel it. Hardcore.

In conjunction with the proper knee bend on your shots, a heavier racquet will reward you in the fitness department by working your abs, forearms, and legs.

Rafael Nadal forehand Vox

The swinging motion of backhands and forehands helps build the entire core, while the serving motion helps build your shoulder and forearm strength.

You don't have to become a huge fan of the sport to recognize its fitness benefits. If you are looking for a medium to hard level full body workout, look no further than playing a game of tennis with a heavy racquet.

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