Want a Bike You Can Pack Away, Try This Folding E-Bike

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For those who want the freedom to do a mountain bike ride at a moment's notice, there's a solution. It's called the folding eBike by MOAR.

Even if you're not looking to conquer the hills, this bike is perfect for street driving as well. With an 85 mile range complete with pedal assist, you can take this thing to and from work without having to hook it up to the bike rack or have it sit awkwardly in your office.

The bike is both light and durable, able to conquer rough terrain while remaining surprisingly stable. We're talking about anything from heavy snowfall to mud or even potholes (although the latter isn't as fun). The bike's 118 ft-lb of torque is unmatched as it cruises at speeds of 20mph. And yes, the "e" in eBike signifies its motor. This is available in either a 500 watt hub motor or a bigger 750 watt mid-drive.

MOAR contains a 48 V battery contributing to its overall power, compared to other bikes in its class which typically have 36 V. Along with its set of fat tyres, this is a serious beast. It's even great for night driving, so that when you leave work at 5pm and it's dark you can flip on the 1000 lumen LED projection headlamp and see easily 30ft ahead.

The cost of these eBikes isn't low. You're looking at forking over upwards of $1,000 or more. But it's certainly the kind of bike with features that are one of a kind.


This is truly a bike for any area or region of the world. Say you live in a big city and usually take public transit at least part of the way to work. Now, you can ride your bike to the bus before easily folding it and carrying it on-board. You don't want to be one of those people who delays the bus by fiddling with their bike in the front rack. Everyone on the bus will hate you if you sacrifice so much as one extra minute of their precious commute time.

The MOAR folding eBike is available all over the internet, even on eBay—which might actually be your cheapest option. I've seen listed for under $500. There are certain eBikes available that are a bit larger than this one but they usually don't fold as well and they are more expensive. Still, do your research before making any purchases like this. Consider going to your local bike shop and negotiating a test drive.

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