Wanna Go To Europe for $69? There's A New Airline Offering A Great Deal

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In a response to an announcement by budget airline Norwegian Air offering $69 flights from the U.S. to Europe, WOW Air offered their own $69 deal for a similar trip. The Icelandic carrier is providing this deal on flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bristol, and Edinburgh for $69.99.

The deal applies on one-way flights from January 15th-April 5th, 2017. Unfortunately return flights don't apply this same great rate, although they are still cheap at $129-199. WOW Air CEO and founder Skuli Mogensen told USA Today, "It's really setting the stage for what is coming."

Since the airline launched in 2012, it has been synonymous with low fares, even down around $99. Flights at this price are set to go on sale from Miami and Boston to Iceland. From Miami, these will be available from April 25 through May 30th, then from August 31st until October 26th. From Boston they will be available from January 16th until April 3rd.

Is there a catch, you ask? Kind of. WOW is known for tacking on extra baggage fees for EACH leg of your trip. This seems to be the most common complaint from passengers. You are only permitted one piece of carry-on luggage, like most carriers, and forced to pay $48 per checked bag one-way ($96 round trip).

Competing airlines charge significantly more for U.S.-Europe flights. WOW's competitor Icelandair charges $348 one-way from JFK to Paris with a stop in Reykjavik. British Airways charges $354 from Newark to Paris with a stop in London.

You'd better book now if you plan on taking advantage of this great sale. After April 5th, WOW jacks up the price of one-way tickets to more than $300.

2017 is poised to be the year of cheap airfare. A report by Expedia expresses optimism that average ticket prices will continue dropping globally. This past year, the average price for an economy-class ticket reached its lowest level since 2013. The reason is simple—more planes going to more destinations. All we can say is "keep it coming!"

Hopeful travelers who were once edged out of the market are now hopeful to take their dream vacation. If you are flexible in terms of when to go, you can pretty much choose anywhere to go.

Weekends are still the best ticket purchasing days, if you book at least 21 days in advance.

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