Von Miller Is Trying To Stop The Release Of A Dirty Tape

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Von Miller of the Denver Broncos is allegedly in panic mode right now, trying to stop his sex tape from being released to the public. The Super Bowl MVP is struggling to prevent his partner in the tape, a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz, from releasing the tape. His lawyers are currently petitioning a judge in Los Angeles. It looks like Miller has the upper hand - the court ordered a temporary restraining order.

According to court filing reports, Ruiz filmed herself in the act with MIller "while they were alone indoors" in Cancun. And according to Miller's lawyer, the "plaintiff insisted at all times that the recording be kept private. Ruiz agreed that she would keep the recording private."

Miller later (allegedly) talked to Ruiz on the phone, reminding her that "he did not want anyone to see the recording," and asked her to erase it. "Gotcha," she responded, according to court documents.

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Two months after Miller signed a multimillion-dollar contract, one of Miller's handlers was contacted by a man named Kevin Blatt, a man who is best known for brokering the sale of celebrity sex tapes. Ruiz had apparently tapped him to help her sell the footage she took with Miller, allegedly saying that she "wanted to become the next Kim Kardashian."

Soon thereafter, Miller's agent got a note from Ruiz's lawyer, Corey Boddie. Boddie held a meeting with Miller's reps and screened portions of the sex tape.

According to Boddie, Ruiz asked for two and a half million dollars to "transfer ownership of the recording" to Miller, under threat of releasing the tape to the public.

It isn't obvious how this isn't blackmail, and therefore illegal. Hopefully Miller is able to tuck and roll out of this situation. It's a lesson already hard-learned: if you're a celebrity, don't film yourself in the act or let anyone else film, unless you're prepared for the genpop to see you in the act. With some canny legal maneuvering, maybe it will be a lesson he won't have to learn in the hardest possible way.

Miller was already a huge star in the NFL, but amped up his profile by appearing onĀ Dancing with the Stars. He's also attracted endorsements from companies as huge as Microsoft, Best Buy and Adidas. It's (sadly) no surprise that he's got a big target on his back for gold diggers. Hopefully he's allowed to continue living his life without being caught in the crosshairs.


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