[VIDEO] Vin Diesel Bailed On An Interview Because His Interviewer Was Too Hot

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Vin Diesel has the kind of cultural staying power that almost no celebrity enjoys. He's in league with guys like Stallone and The Rock, who, regardless of the quality of their output, never vacate their places in our hearts. Diesel is also hilarious. Recently, during a promotional interview for his upcoming sequel to xXx, Diesel had some extreme difficulty due to the hotness of the woman interviewing him.

The interviewer, Carol Moreira, caught Diesel during a promotional jag through Brazil. And during their interview, Vin didn't even try to withhold his adulation for her.

About four minutes into the interview, he starts hitting on her. And he doesn't stop until he eventually cuts the interview short when he stands up and won't stop declaring his love for her.

He keeps it together for the first part of the exchange, telling Moreira about his childhood and early acting career. He describes having "a gang" when he was seven years old, and how he had been acting for twenty years by the time he directed his first movie, Multi-Facial, when he was 27.

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Then, while describing his working relationship with Tom Hanks during the filming of Saving Private Ryan, he breaks down mid-sentence and starts talking about how beautiful she is. Moreira scrambles to get Diesel back on topic and it works, for a while.

Eventually, Diesel just gives up when she tries to get him to say "I am Groot" in Portugese. He says he can't do the interview because she's "so f*cking sexy," gets on his knees and shuffles over to her, then stands up and declares that he loves her. "When did this turn into beautiful world?" he asks a PA.

Diesel is getting excoriated in the press for his antics. Many bloggers are condemning him as an objectifier and a creep.

Diesel, in response to the controversy, has issued an apology. But it's not the long-winded, cut-and-dry press release apology we're so used to reading from celebrities.

"As you all know, I try to keep my interviews playful and fun, especially when I am in the Xander Zone... But if I offended anyone, then let me apologize, because that is never my intention."

It is unclear whether or not Vin Diesel is the only person who can enter the Xander Zone. Perhaps it is an elite few, hand picked by Diesel himself, who have the privilege. It is a question that will continue to puzzle scholars and scientists for centuries to come.


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