If Trump Gets Elected These Celebrities Are Leaving The Country

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There are many celebrities against Trump. No, we're not breaking any new ground here. But they have taken their vitriol to another level, saying they will physically leave the country if he wins the presidency.

Which celebrities are most peeved over the Donald? And where would they rather live? Find out.

Jon Stewart

Anti-Trump Quote: "I would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet because clearly this planet's gone completely bonkers."

Stewart has never been one to shy away from his political leanings. In 2012, he berated Mitt Romney for his gaffe about the 47% of people not paying taxes.

But 2016 has provided Stewart a much easier target. He compares Trump to all things frightening in life.

Now retired from The Daily Show, Stewart remains busy attending speaking events and besmirching the Donald any chance he can get.

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