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Okay, so 2016 isn't quite over yet, but if you haven't been to the theaters lately, you've been missing out on some terrific movies. Here are our picks for 2016.

Captain America: Civil War

This is perhaps one of the best superhero movies that Marvel has put out to date. The Government has decided that superheroes are dangerous and with the appearance of new superheroes, the Government decides on enacting the Hero Registration Act. This divides our heroes into two camps: Team Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) who agree with the law, and Team Captain America (Chris Evans) who disagree with the law. The two groups of superheroes square off in a epic battle. What's not to like about it? There's even bad guys who make things ugly for our heroes.

The Lobster

This is a weird movie, but one you'll enjoy. In a dystopian future, people into a hotel and has 45 days to mate or be turned into an animal of their choosing. Our hero (Colin Farrell) chooses a lobster and searches for his mate before he becomes a crustacean. Funny and provocative, the hero finds friendship with other weird men like himself and tries to find a girl. In the end, he runs away and joins a group of Loners, which brings even more problems.


Deadpool is certainly the funniest of the Marvel line. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a crude ex-special forces guy with a penchant for insulting people and not taking himself -- or his story -- too seriously. Diagnosed with cancer, he manages to get involved with the wrong people who cure his cancer, but make him into a mutant with superpowers but also a scarred face. His face is so creepy that he wears a costume and calls himself "Deadpool." He searches for the people who did this to him so he can return to his girlfriend. This is a very funny movie, but watch it with your kids. Five minutes and you'll be wishing you put on something less raunchy.

The Witch

If you're looking for something on the horror side, we recommend The Witch (Anya Taylor-Joy). This is set during the 1600s where an extended Puritan family is exiled and decide to set up a new farm next to a woods where a witch purportedly lives. Things become creepy when an infant disappears, one of the oldest daughters of the group is thought to be in league with the devil, and the black goat may be talking to the twin children. Definitely worth the scare.

The Nice Guys

If you're looking for action/adventure, The Nice Guys has the typical mismatched pair in the LA Crime Underworld. This time, it's a private investigator ( Ryan Gosling ) and a for hire enforcer (Russell Crowe). This mismatched pair investigates the murder of a porn star and search for a missing girl. A mystery with humor, you'll enjoy this movie from the director that brought us the Lethal Weapon movies.

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