Tom Brady Mocks Deflategate in New Foot Locker Commercial

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Deflategate is over and done with, right?


Nope. The topic is back in the form of a Foot Locker commercial with the one and only Tom Brady. But this time around, it's purely laughable.

The Patriots' star made light of the situation that led to his multi-game suspension this season. In case you forgot, deflategate refers to the 2014 AFC Championship game in which Brady ordered several footballs to be depressurized. His implication in the case has been questionable at best, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for the first 4 regular games of this season.

Fans have repeatedly been at odds with Mr. Goodell since he was selected to be the successor for Paul Tagliabue on August 8, 2006. In the eyes of many, his mission of "protecting the shield" has translated into the depletion of fun from the game. He amped up the league's fines and suspensions policy to include previous innocuous offenses, like excessive touchdown celebrations.

His 2007 NFL Personal Conduct Policy mirrored a similar policy implemented in the NBA by Commissioner David Stern in response to the infamous "Malice in the Palace" involving Ron Artest and others going into the crowd to fight fans. Goodell's first order of business was to suspend Tennessee Titans cornerback Pacman Jones and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry.

In the ensuing seasons, he would penalize some of the league's stars including Donte Stallworth, Ben Roethlisberger, Ndamukong Suh, and Ray Rice for committing drug and violent offenses.

Goodell has worked in the NFL since 1982, when he was just 23 years old. Back then, he was an administrative intern in the league's New York office under former Commissioner Pete Rozelle, a job he secured through a letter-writing campaign to every NFL team and members of the league office. It's this kind of tenacity that helped Goodell land the biggest job in football, and it's also what has made him so hard-nosed throughout his tenure.

For awhile it appeared that Tom Brady's four game suspension, which was handed down in 2015, would be eradicated. On September 3rd of that year, Judge Berman cited a lack of fair due process for suspending Brady and declared the NFL guilty for violating federal law in determining him guilty.

The NFL later announced it would appeal Judge Berman's decision a few hours after the suspension was overturned. On April 25, 2016, the Second Circuit court reinstated Brady's 4-game suspension. Much to the chagrin of Patriots' fans, it was done and dusted.


Of course they only lost one game out of their first 4 without Brady, so its now a moot point. This is why we can all laugh at Foot Locker's humorous commercial.

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