Tiger vs Woman with a Stick

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A 23-year-old woman in India had to fight off a full-grown tiger using only a stick. Rupali Meshram was lucky to survive after she was attacked in western Maharashtra state. She was sitting in her house when she heard her goat scream outside. After running out she discovered that a tiger was after the animal, so she picked up a stick and fought back.


Unfortunately, the goat had already been fatally wounded when Rupali turned the tiger onto herself. Her mother, Jijabhai, ran out and joined the brawl, not to help fight the predator but instead to save her daughter’s life. They were both attacked before rushing back inside to safety. Once the tiger was out of sight they went to the hospital with some pretty serious injuries. Rupali was cut on her head, legs, hands and waist, while her mother was struck near her eye. They are both expected to make a full recovery.


They also made sure to tell a forest guard about the tiger, which was already gone when the official arrived. Apparently, wild animals are common around where they live because of its proximity to a nearby wildlife park. India is reported to have over 2,000 tigers, which is more than half the world’s tiger population. They rarely go after humans, but will if they feel the need to defend themselves. The women were apprehensive to return home from the hospital but knew they had to put the attack behind them. Check out the video below to see some amazing images from after the incident...


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