Three Types of Women to Avoid

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In your dating life, you're likely to encounter women of all shapes, sizes, personalities, dysfunctions, and so forth. It's hard to lump all females who fit a certain demographic into one bucket, and vow to never date a girl who has those traits ever again; after all, everyone is unique, and defining future encounters by past experiences is not always a very good way to live your life. However, at least in my experience, I've learned that there are some women to avoid at all costs.

There are some subsets of women that are consistently nothing but trouble, stress, and general bad f*cking news. Here are three types of women to avoid for the rest of your dating life. Hopefully you've already dodged the bullet of dealing with them thus far.

#3: Crossfit Fanatics

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First on my list of women to avoid is a type of girl that most of us have met at one time or another - the crossfit fanatic. Crossfit chicks usually fit one of three molds: 1) an out-of-shape girl trying desperately to burn off the Haagen-Dasz calories, 2) an incredibly hot, super-fit girl with an incredible body, or 3) a female Hulk. Descriptions 1 and 3 are obviously going to result in a hard pass 99% of the time anyway, but Girl #2 is a unique case study.

No, I'm not telling you that babes with toned bodies are women to avoid. I'm saying specifically that crossfit obsessed babes with toned bodies are women to avoid. Why? Well have you ever met someone who is really into crossfit? If you haven't let me ruin the surprise for you: the only thing crosffitters care about is crossfit. That's it. All of your conversations will be about her workout of the day, her caloric intake, and why you aren't working out more. You'll have to eat paleo. She'll probably pressure you to join her cultish crossfit gym. She'll turn your apartment into a gym nicer than most college facilities if you let her.

So let's be real - these girls are generally obsessive, vain, insecure, and picky. Plus, you don't want to date a girl who can lift more than you. Next please!

#2: Ravers

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Call them whatever you want - rave chicks, PLUR girls, EDM enthusiasts, or fans of crappy music - but definitely don't call them your girlfriend. Ravers are women to avoid 100% of the time. While Crossfit Cara might make your live a living hell health, Raving Rachel will do her best to make both of your brains resemble Swiss cheese.

I'm not talking about the average chick you'll find at a Calvin Harris show, to be clear. I'm talking about the type of girl who travels the country going to every possible EDM festival known to man; the type of girl who takes Molly more frequently than Advil; the type of girl who puts on glitter more frequently than deodorant. Sure, it might be fun to go to a few shows with these sort of women for awhile, but there will come a point when the hard partying and staying up til sunrise will take its toll. When she sells your car so she can afford some Molly and tickets to ULTRA, you'll understand why ravers are women to avoid. Hopefully, you'll just take my advice now.

#1: Dependents

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These are the most common women to avoid, and arguably, the most destructive in the long run....and you usually can't even claim these dependents on your taxes. By Dependents, I mean extremely needy girls that are dependent on you for their happiness, confidence, and identity. We all know a girl or two who fits this bill - she can't go more than a week being single, she gets jealous over the most innocuous things, and she defines herself by the man she's dating.

While it's nice to have a girl who is incredibly loyal and devoted to you, over time, a dependent girl will become a nightmare. She won't like when you hang out with your friends instead of her. She'll expect to know where you are constantly. She'll guilt trip you for doing any activity that doesn't involve her. Relationships - at least successful ones - are based on trust and mutual respect, two tenets which dependent girls are nearly incapable of. This is what makes them all women to avoid.

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