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A lot has been happening with Elon Musk's Tesla, Inc., specifically involving their electric vehicles. From arrests to lawsuits, here’s everything that’s going on with the innovative company right now…


While Tesla cars are known for Autopilot, there are still a lot of limitations, both technically and legally, with the new technology. One driver, in Nottingham, U.K., was recently banned from driving for a year and half after he was caught using Autopilot in order to sit in the passenger seat while the car was driving at around 40 mph through traffic along the M1. He was also ordered to work 100 unpaid hours, undergo 10 days of rehabilitation and pay $2,480, or £1,800, for prosecution costs.

Auto Evolution

Speaking of Autopilot, Tesla has agreed to a settlement in which they will partially reimburse individuals involved in a $5 million class action lawsuit regarding the Autopilot 2.0. Some Tesla owners weren’t happy with how long it was taking for the features of Enhanced Autopilot to be made available. The plaintiffs argued the company defrauded customers, and requested that Tesla buy back the cars, return the premiums paid for the packages in question, as well as pay for punitive damage. Now anyone who bought or leased cars with the technology will get between $20 and $280.

Nikola Motor

Another lawsuit, this one brought on by the Nikola Motor Company, is alleging that some Tesla elements are infringing on one of their patents. They're questioning the similarity between Tesla’s all-electric semi and their hydrogen truck. Nikola sent a cease and desist letter, but Tesla never responded, claiming. “It’s patently obvious there is no merit to this lawsuit,” which is worth over $2 billion. And this isn’t the first time the companies have had issues, with Nikola even challenging Tesla regarding the sameness of their names.

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