This Purple Orange Isn’t Photoshopped

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A woman in Queensland, Australia named Neti Moffitt was shocked to find that part of an orange she'd previously fed her son had mysteriously turned purple overnight. This took place in the Brisbane suburb of Keperra, but has since gone viral all over the internet. The day before the discovery, she cut it up so her two-year-old could enjoy some slices. He had a few, which were then thrown in the trash, and the rest of the fruit was left out until the next day. She remembers that it looked and smelt fine before, but...

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The following morning, she came across the transformed orange, and immediately checked the discarded slices in the trash, which had also turned purple. Interestingly enough, those were even more purple than the rest of the fruit. She said, "It looks like someone's dipped it on an ink pad, which I guarantee you we haven't." Moffitt was understandable concerned, "My first thought was I hope it has had no ill effect on my child. But he's fine, absolutely not a drama." So what caused the discoloration?

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She then went online to see if this had ever happened to anyone else. According to her research, this had occurred once before, also in Queensland, three years earlier. Forensic testing found that there was no artificial food coloring or iodine. Moffitt then reached out to Queensland Health, who sent someone over to collect the samples, as well as the knife and knife sharpener used in the incident. Apparently, he was very excited to have another opportunity to get to the bottom of this. A Queensland Health spokeswoman confirmed, "The items have been taken to Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services for testing." The internet will now eagerly await the results...

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