This Plastic Tunnel Is Going Viral

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It’s hard to predict exactly what kind of content will explode online, but this recent topic of interest is certainly unexpected. There’s a plastic tunnel that connects a parking lot to a supermarket in south-west England, and somehow, it’s been rated as the city’s number one tourist attraction on Trip Advisor. This news is causing countless consumers to investigate how and why something so simple is garnering this kind of attention.

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Bude, Cornwall’s 230-foot tunnel has received over 150 reviews, almost all of which are overwhelmingly positive. The profile, made by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, reads,” The only tunnel Bude has to offer is open to the public free of charge, walk from the Sainsbury's car park to Crooklets Road completely undercover, protected from the elements whilst maintaining your view to the spectacular surroundings of Bude. Consisting of 36 metal arches and over 70m long, nowhere else in Bude can you walk this far undercover in a continuos straight line, all ages are welcome.”

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Many have been comparing the tunnel to actual tourist destinations like The Sphinx, The Taj Mahal and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. According to the BBC, “They have also been selling postcards depicting the tunnel in the town to raise money for the Bude Sea Pool, a popular attraction.” One of the more unusual reviews claims that the tunnel is a, “Great place for a divorce.” The woman goes on to describe ending her marriage in the tunnel and how walking through the long, plastic tube “felt like the first step towards freedom,” calling it the best moment of her life. Residents of Bude hope that people don't forget about all the other things the city has to offer.

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