This Man Isn't Who You Or The Usher Thinks He Is

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If this doesn’t look like someone you’d normally expect to see at a baseball game, prepare to be shocked. Not only is he a fan, he’s a former player, as well. But for those who never would’ve expected that, you’re not alone. An usher at Thursday’s Tampa Bay Rays game, who denied him access to his teammates and coaches, also had no idea that this man more than belonged behind the bench.


John Jaso was a first baseman who was originally drafted by the Rays in 2003. He spent most of his career as a designated hitter and catcher, but ended up having to give up the latter due to multiple concussions. After his time in Tampa Bay he played with the Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates. He retired from the MLB in 2017 because he wanted to sail and enjoy a simple life.


While he’s always had his dreads, his overall look definitely seems very comfortable. So much so, that the woman, who is clearly great at her Tropicana Field job, had to be convinced. He was eventually able to get down to the field, where his friends hilariously supported the decision of the usher.


They had a similar reaction as the woman when they saw his even-longer dreadlocks and tie-dyed tank top. The first person he talked to was third base coach Matt Quatraro. Jaso commented, “They keep kicking me out of here,” to which Quatraro responds, “I don’t blame them. Look at you.” Follow this link to see the entire incident unfold.

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