This Bro Won A Date With Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard After Winning Super Bowl Bet

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John Goehrke is a 20 year old student at Missouri University who might be one of the luckiest men on the planet. During Super Bowl 51, he took to Twitter and made a bet with tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard that the New England Patriots would win the game. If he won, he got to take her on a date. Bouchard may have been a tad overconfident here.

That tweet was posted at halftime when it really did look like the Falcons were destined to win. But just two quarters and 25 points later, the Patriots flipped the script, walking away with the trophy and making one man extremely happy.

Details have yet to emerge about where and when this magical encounter will go down. But a realistic answer would be... never. The student, John Goehrke told the Kansas City Star that he was just stunned and thrilled that Bouchard acknowledged him and agreed to the date on Twitter, "I thought maybe there was a chance she would respond, but I thought there was no chance she'd actually agree to it."

Then on Genie's side, "I was starting to get nervous as the Pats were coming back and the score was getting closer and closer... I was with my brother and my mom and they kept looking at me like, 'Oh, you might have to go on a date.' I just couldn't believe it could actually happen, so I was in complete shock." It's okay Genie, we all were in shock.

Although we still doubt whether the date will ever materialize, she claimed that she will "fly him out ," but says that that "he has to be a gentleman, and, you know, organize a fun date night." Sounds like the ball's in your court Mr. McEnroe.

It sounds like he might have to put some work in to plan the perfect evening with his dream girl, but it will be well-worth the effort.

Who knows, maybe they will click. It could be love at first sight, followed by eloping and babies. Although at 22, Genie doesn't need a pregnancy to get in the way of her tennis career. Okay, we're obviously getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Anyway, for now it's just nice that she seems to be honoring her Twitter commitment.

Bouchard is ranked 45th in the world and is a past Wimbledon finalist. She's also a fashion model represented by agency giant IMG/WME.

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