These Phones Are Randomly Sending Pics Without Permission

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The default texting app in some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 phones has been sending photos on their own. Users are unaware of the sent files until recipients notify them of the activity. The phones are also sending scheduled texts to the wrong contacts.

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One Galaxy S9+ owner claims the phone sent his entire photo library to his partner in the middle of the night. Like all the other reported incidents, his phone didn’t inform him of this, but there were records on his T-Mobile logs. In regard to the text errors, one user said his phone started to get glitchy after he installed a T-Mobile RCS/advanced messaging update.

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While the texts in question were scheduled to be sent, they were ending up in the wrong threads. Other Samsung customers experiencing these bugs also use T-Mobile, and recently updated Samsung Messages, leading some to suggest the issues are coming from the aforementioned RCS, or Rich Communication Services, update. RCS is supposed to make texting look more like chatting in a modern messaging app by enhancing the outdated SMS protocol with new features like better media sharing, typing indicators, and read receipts. But so far, this has not been the case.

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Samsung claims, “We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it. Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.” But T-Mobile denies involvement, telling anyone who reaches out the them to “check in with Samsung on this." Thankfully, users can simply disable Samsung Messages’ ability to access storage, or use a different texting app. Check out this news report covering the problems below...

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