These Panorama Photos Are Crazy

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Check out these hilarious panoramic images that turn everyday things into extraordinary finds. From cars, buses and planes to crazy cats, these strange sights are sure to have you wondering what you can alter with your own smartphone.

Twitter - @vaguefrisbee

Camera phones have changed the way we see the world. With increasingly high quality and new functions being added on a regular basis, the possibilities are practically endless. Some of these upgrades have made it possible for photojournalists to capture incredible images, filmmakers to shoot movies and even regular citizens to document important moments for a variety of reasons. But sometimes, camera features are just fun. A Twitter user who goes by the handle @vaguefrisbee discovered a cool trick using the panoramic function on his smartphone, inspiring others to share their own creations. But first, let’s look at the posts that started it all…

Twitter - @vaguefrisbee

He found out that the pano feature can turn regular sized vehicles into micro cars. Other Twitter users responded with their own creations. One person figured out that if you can do it with a car, it surely works on buses, as well...

Twitter - @arvesystad

Why not try this with all types of vehicles. And if it can make some shorter, doesn't that mean it can make others longer…

Twitter - @carolinehermy

But it was a couple users who really got creative with their cameras, actually trying this with living things. Cats, to be exact…

Twitter - @infamousk

If this spider cat isn’t crazy enough, maybe the two-legged one will top it.

Twitter - @giothemelon

There’s really no limit the potential variations made to all kinds of everyday things. Mess around with your camera phone’s panoramic setting and see what you can come up with.

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