These Are The Strangest Cruises On Earth

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Being trapped on a boat full of strangers for a week at a time can be a difficult proposition. Themed cruises are a good way to ensure that you're surrounded by like-minded people. Or, at least, someone you can talk to about a shared interest. Sometimes, though, themed cruises can get a little bit out there. The cruises on this list are some of the strangest. Whether you're into zombies, nudism, or you're a nudist zombie, there's something here to interest you.

The Zumba Cruise


If you're really, really into wearing spandex and dancing, the Zumba Cruise might be up your alley. Fitness cruises are actually on the rise, as more and more health conscious people come to see "sweating on a boat" as a worthy vacation goal. If you're not part of the CrossFit set, this might be a happy medium.

The Conspiracy Cruise

Popular Mechanics

If you're tired of breathing chemtrails and watching the frogs turn gay back home, hop aboard the next Conspira-Sea Cruise. Amidst resplendent scenery, you will be able to listen to roundtable discussions ranging across the very broad gamut of conspiracy theories - from secret Mars bases to who really killed JFK. Sound like fun? No?

The Walking Dead Cruise

Skybound Entertainment

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows in the world right now. So popular, in fact, that hundreds and hundreds of people attend an annual Dead-themed cruise called the Walker Stalker Cruise. Obviously, zombie costumes are abundant. Vacationers also get to attend panel discussions about the show, ComiCon style.

Meow Meow Cruise

Twitter - @CruiseScouter

The Meow Meow Cruise is a cruise dedicated to people who love cats. Not allowed on the cruise: cats. Definitely allowed on the cruise: alliteration. While aboard, check out the Meow Meow Mixer, Meow Meow Scavenger Hunts and Meow Meow Trivia. One upshot of no cats? No (additional) toxoplasmosis!

The Ghost Hunter's Cruise

Daily Express

This cruise, aimed at fans of the paranormal, and paranormal investigators, is pretty ghosty. It's held on the Norwegian Pearl, an allegedly haunted boat. It also embarks from New Orleans, a city renowned for spookies. On its trip down the Mexican coast to Central America, the Pearl makes periodic stops at sites of paranormal interest to let the passengers do some investigating.

The Nudist Cruise


The Clothing Optional Homecoming Cruise is a floating safehaven for nudists. While aboard, you can do all kinds of nude things, such as laying around, playing slots, getting drunk and weirding out the seagulls. There are also New Age erotic workshops and nude figure drawing workshops.

The Knitting Cruise


"Craft cruises" are actually a sizable niche in the theme cruise world. Every year, there is a cruise devoted just to knitting enthusiasts. While aboard, passengers knit, and knit, and knit. And when they reach a port of call, they visit knitting-relevant sites like yarn shops and craft stores.

Star Trek: The Cruise

Cruise Critic

You knew this one was coming. Star Trek: The Cruise is an institution. It's attracted some of the show's luminaries, including George Takei and William Shatner. Trekkies are a fun bunch. Old school, devoted, with deeper-running roots than most of the nu-nerd fandoms, so this cruise is probably actually fun. Set phasers to tipsy.

Hogs on the High Seas

Hot Bike

Nothing says "roughneck bad*ss" like taking a nice cruise. There may not be any bikes allowed on the ship, but every year, a passenger is gifted one. Not to worry though - at ports of call, there are plenty of rental hogs available. If you're going, be sure to bring your nicest leathers for the formal nights. Seriously.

The Chocolate Cruise

Cruise Critic

Okay, this one seems kind of cool. It's a cruise that's just for chocolate. Activities center around the preparation, eating and discussion of chocolate. Mostly the eating. Lots of eating. And drinking! There are also famous chocolatiers that come aboard. Chocolate!

The Pink Floyd Cruise

Travel + Leisure

The "Great Gig in the Sky" cruise is a Pink-Floyd-themed cruise headlined by American cover band Think Floyd USA. The show is complemented, of course, by laser displays. Think Floyd has apparently won the blessings of David Gilmour, the actual Floyd's singer. Think has been known to play cover to cover renditions of Dark Side of the Moon on the cruise.

The Evolution Cruise

Travel + Leisure

The Evolution Emanation Cruise brings together professional scientists and curious laypeople for a floating symposium on evolution research. The cruise offers four full days of seminars, along with the standard offerings of cocktails and R&R time onshore. Doesn't sound half bad.

The Intuition Cruise

John Holland

Spiritual cruises constitute another big slice of the cruise industry pie. The Intuition Cruise is one of the biggest. While cruising, you can learn about everything from Sufi dance to clairvoyance to past life regression. The laundry list of topics covered is about the length of the Vedas.

Drag Stars at Sea

YouTube - ALandCHUCKtravel

Drag Stars at Sea is a cruise that features drag stars at sea. It's run by ALandChuck.Travel, a popular LGBTQ-oriented travel agency, and features an impressive lineup of personalities from RuPaul's Drag Race. This is guaranteed the most-fun cruise on this list.

The Swinger Cruise

The Swinger Cruise

If the nudity cruise wasn't racy enough for you, bring your significant other to the Swinger Cruise. Can you guess what the theme is? What the activities are? This very adults-oriented cruise is growing in popularity. If you've ever wanted to jump in the deep end, grab a ticket. Bring some berth control.

The Crossword Cruise

PuzzleNation Blog

This weeklong, transatlantic cruise features daily crossword activities. Editors from the New York Times are present to give speeches. There are also crossword tournaments and an opportunity to submit your own crosswords for consideration of publication. Probably quite a bit more mellow than the swinger cruise.

The Cougar Cruise

Crew Center

The "cougar cruise" was operated by a group called the Society of Single Professionals, bringing together older women and their much-younger male admirers. Unfortunately, it was canceled in 2014 due to lack of interest. Presumably from the women.

The Eclipse Cruise

Myrtle Beach Life

This is one of the more wholesome cruises on this list. Eclipse cruises take their passengers out to sea to give them ideal views of eclipses. Obviously, they are constrained by the eclipse timetable. But what better way to experience the celestial event?

Strictly Come Dancing Cruise

Cruise Advisor

Strictly Come Dancing is kind of the British equivalent of Dancing With the Stars. It's popular enough to merit its own cruise. The passengers enjoy private shows from participants on the show, as well as autograph lessons and dance workshops. There are also dances held every day.

70,000 Tons of Metal

New Noise Magazine

If you love both heavy metal and the ocean, this is your cruise. The aptly named 70,000 Tons of Metal is a floating music festival. It continues to grow in popularity, attracting some great musical acts. Some of the bands even lead trips on shore.

NASCAR: The Cruise

Cruise Critic

NASCAR fans are a dedicated lot. The cruise, held during the short window of time when NASCAR is on pause, it features famous drivers and NASCAR-adjacent entertainment, like comedian John Heffron. Thankfully, there is no actual NASCAR racing that transpires on the boat.

Zen Cruise

Zen Cruise

The Zen Cruise is just what it sounds like - a cruise dedicated to relaxation, meditation and yoga. When you're not doing Warrior Ones on the deck, you can participate in musical performances, guided meditations and the like. Yoga retreats are common, yoga cruises are not.

Poker Challenge Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Poker Challenge Cruise is a poker themed cruise, that is the site of the Annual Norwegian Poker Challenge. The winner takes a grand prize of $250,000. If your skills or your wallet aren't up to those stakes, you can play in smaller games held daily.

The Frozen Cruise

Disney Parks

The Disney Cruise Line features an all-Frozen-themed cruise for the whole family. If you love the film, and want an excuse to dress up like the characters, hop aboard. It's a seven-night cruise that stops in multiple spots in Denmark and Norway.

The New Kids On The Block Cruise

Flickr - Robyn Paul

Believe it or not, this is a massively popular cruise. Tickets for the 2018 cruise are already sold out. Such is the power of nostalgia. If you're a huge NKOTB fan, you can sign up for the waiting list for next year's cruise.

The National Review Cruise

YouTube - National Review

Do you love wearing suits in blazing heat and chomping on big cigars until the butts get all soggy, because you think you look like an oil tycoon? Then come check out the National Review cruise. This year's cruise is titled "The National Review 2018 Buckley Legacy Conservative Cruise." Ever wondered what your dad looks like in Chubbies?

The Moody Blues Cruise

Goldmine Magazine

The Moody Blues host an annual cruise called the Moodies Cruise, that features some great musical acts. This year, it departed from Miami and sailed to Cozumel. Check out the next one for some classic tunes and some awesome new memories.

The Train Cruise

YouTube - Train

Ever forget how popular Train is? They have their own cruise, titled the Sail Across the Sun music & wine festival. It starts in New Orleans and ends in Cozumel. Headlining? You guessed it. Train.

The Chris Jericho Cruise

Wrestling News Blog

Chris Jericho is one of the most famous modern pro wrestlers, and is the master of ceremonies for an upcoming music and wrestling festival held aboard a cruise ship. The cruise will pack some celebrity punch, with appearances by DDP, Mick Foley, Ricky Steamboat, Rey Mysterio, and many others. Jericho's band Fozzy will be playing sets, along with some major musical acts, including Cory Taylor from Slipknot.

The R Kelly Cruise

Consequence of Sound

R. Kelly is one of the strangest and most controversial figures in pop culture. He was planning to host a cruise, but pulled out at the last minute, claiming the cruise organizer didn't pay him. We'll probably never know the full story, but the R. Kelly cruise looks like it's not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

The Steampunk Cruise


You already knew, somewhere deep down, that there was a steampunk cruise. The Steampunk Cruise is, well, a cruise for people who do steampunk cosplay. There may be some attendance crossover with the Walking Dead cruise.

The Gothic Cruise

Conde Nast Traveler

This year's Gothic Cruise is titled "The Voyage of Lost Spirits." Goths, despite their stereotype as loners, have a tight-knit community. The fact that they have a cruise makes sense. The boat staff have probably never heard Skinny Puppy before.

The Quilting Cruise

Cruise Planners

Another craft cruise, the Quilting Cruise features every quilting-related activity you could ever want. From quilting get together to formal trainings. It's apparently a very popular event, commonly selling out.

The KISS Kruise

Ultimate Classic Rock

The Kiss Kruise is on its eighth year. Tickets are currently sold out, so it looks like it's going strong. The lineup includes Ace Frehley and Bruce & Bob Kulick, among others. KISS fans are a devoted lot. Do they make face paint with SPF value?

Dancing With The Stars Cruise

Holland America

Including dancing on cruises is standard practice. The Dancing With the Stars cruise makes dancing the centerpiece. If you go, you get an opportunity to meet some of the dancers from the show, watch a fashion show, and even participate in a dancing competition with all the other passengers.

The CrossFit Cruise

YouTube - BuzzFeedBlue

Can you not get enough cleaning and jerking in your day to day life? Attend the "WOD on the Waves" cruise, that is all CrossFit all the time. Many CrossFit celebrities will be in attendance, including Rich Froning, Jen Smith, Josh Bridges and James Hobart.

The ComiCon Cruise

24 Flix

ComiCon has been talking about launching a cruise for a while now, and it looks like they're finally going to do it. The inaugural FAN2SEA cruise will be embarking from Tampa and heading to Cozumel. It will feature cosplaying, industry hype and, presumably, panels you have to camp out in front of for 24+ hours to attend.

Fashion & Style Cruise

South China Morning Post

This high-dollar cruise sailed from Beijing to Hong Kong. With a ticket starting at around six thousand dollars and ranging up to $32.5 thousand, you can bet that there were a whole lot of rich people on a boat. The programming centered around fashion and lifestyle branding. While visiting ports of call, passengers could attend events like a workshop about how to buy traditional silk furniture.

The Packers Legends Cruise

Leadership League on Vimeo

If you are a die-hard Packers fan, you may want to check out the Packers Legends Cruise. The cruise attracts some NFL heat, including James Lofton, Lynn Dickey and LeRoy Butler. Fans can attend autograph sessions, and VIPs can even eat meals with Packers players.

The Harry Potter Cruise

You Can't Break Me

Weirdly enough, it was not until this year that a cruise line offered an all-Harry-Potter themed cruise. The cruise starts will be aboard a ship called the Magna Carta, floating down the Thames and making stops along the way to tour significant Potter landmarks. If you're a die-hard fan, you probably already know about it.

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