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Airports aren't exactly the happiest places on earth. Most people hate traveling, for good reason. There's the humiliating security protocols, the long waits, the inevitable stranger who won't cover their sneezes, and the eternal wailing of babies. Sometimes, though, you see something beautiful at the airport. These photos show just how great air travel can be, if you just keep your eyes open.

Taking a Power Nap

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A lot of airports put arm rests on the seats in the terminal in order to deter people from sleeping on them. This woman wasn't about to succumb to that kind of treatment. When you need a nap, you need a nap. She wormed her way under all the rests and got her well-deserved rest. The hard way.

Or You Could Do It This Way

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If you don't feel like doing the work to lay out like the woman in the last photo, you could always just do it this way. This guy looks completely exhausted. Considering the fact that his kids are turning his arms into an arts and crafts project, it's not difficult to imagine how he got so tired in the first place.

Unfortunate Pillow Placement

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A few takeaway lessons from this photo. One, if you're going to carry a neck pillow with you while you travel, don't hang it from your purse. If you do, be sure it doesn't hang right in front of your butt. And if it does hang in front of your butt, make sure it isn't the same color as your butt.

Two Guys Having a Bad Time

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Nobody pictured in this photo is enjoying their day. Only the person taking the photo is deriving any pleasure from this. Airport security procedures have only gotten more dehumanizing with time. Sometimes, it gets downright ridiculous.

Jennifer Hudson Getting Examined

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You never know who might be a terrorist. Jennifer Hudson, for example. The American Idol celebrity could very well be a sleeper cell. Only one way to make sure - subject her to a rigorous security screening.

Welcome Home

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You have to respect anybody who's willing to walk through a crowded public place dressed like a toddler in order to pull off a joke. Hopefully his parents thought it was funny as the internet does.

Sleeping In Style

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This airport seems determined not to let anyone be comfortable. This enterprising soul took matters into his own capable hands, though. This is a truly impressive life hack. If you can sleep on two pieces of plastic, you can sleep anywhere.

Forrest Gump

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This man, spotted on an aiport shuttle, looks exactly like Forrest Gump. Not sure if he deliberately dresses this way or if he's just never seen the movie. There's no way you could see yourself in the mirror and not notice that you look identical to Tom Hanks.

Travel Is Exhausting

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Travel really takes it out of you. You have to grab your z's where you can find them, as evidenced by many other photos in this post. This girl found a nice place to take a nap. It's flat, and it even gives you a little massage while you sleep. Genius.

Another Great Place to Nap

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Being a kid is great because you can do whatever you want and everyone just chalks it up to being precocious. If you were an adult and tried to pull this off, you'd probably get thrown out of the aiport. Keep reading to see an adult trying to pull this off.

A Poet At Work

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Most people can read On The Road and come out of it relatively unscathed. For like 5% of the population, though, it spreads through their bodies and minds like a viral infection. You end up carrying a 30lb typerwiter with you everywhere you go. Wonder how many hundreds of hats she owns.

The King of Metal

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When he walks through the metal detector, it blares in the sound of Ronny James Dio's voice. This guy probably didn't mean to be funny. If you wear an "I am the king of metal" t-shirt you're really not eligible for "being funny."

The Nap Wizard

Kiwi Report

It's hard not to look kind of homeless when you're sleeping at the aiport. It doesn't help when you cover yourself with newspaper. He must have forgotten to bring a jacket or something.

A Weird Ad

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This ad stunt is a bit unsettling and vaguely in bad taste, but is pretty clever nevertheless. Why smuggle yourself to your destination in a suitcase when you can get a better deal on airfare? Fare play. (sorry)

Baby Scan

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When you're going through airport security, it's important to remove all electronics and babies from your carry-on luggage and place them in their own tray. Hoping against hope that she took the baby back out of the tub before walking through the checkpoint.

No Thank You

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Pass on the male toilet drinking water. Thank you though. The drinking water on planes is allegedly not hygienic to drink, jokes aside. Apparently they don't do a good job of cleaning out the tap water tanks.

Taking a Ride

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What is it with airports and people just straight up losing consciousness? This girl is at least portable while she sleeps. This can't be that comfortable. Or maybe it is, who knows?

Kiss and Goodbye

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PDA's are apparently a big traffic hazard at airports. Kiss and goodbye in three minutes or less. If you're standing there making out for three straight minutes and nobody stops you, you should just be allowed to keep going.

The Airport Knight

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Knights have had to adapt to life in 2018. They don't just ride horses everywhere anymore, they also take planes. Certainly easier than taking a rowboat across the English Channel.

Parenting Is Hard

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Parents who keep their kids on leashes are easy targets for mockery. Then you see a photo like this, and you think, "well, maybe it makes sense after all." It looks like she's doing some new kind of hardstyle dance at Burning Man.

Another Suitcase Jockey

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This is kind of a brilliant tactic to get your kids to keep up with you. If you're in a rush and you don't want to carry your kid in your arms while you run, just set them up on your rolling bag and tell them to hang on. Looks like she's having a good time.

Severe Weather

Kiwi Report

This is an unfortunate sign placement. You'd think that whoever put it up would notice how close it was to the women's restroom sign. Or maybe they did, and that's exactly why it wound up there.

A Suspicious Lady

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Nuns are feared all over the world for their links to international terrorist organizations. You have to check them very carefully - if they smuggle any rulers onto a plane, there's no telling how many knuckles they might rap with them.

Watching Avengers

Kiwi Report

This man was watching The Avengers in the airport terminal and accumulated an audience of children behind him, watching over his shoulder. He looks angry about it. Why? It's The Avengers, dude. You're forty.

A Bachelor Party

Kiwi Report

This guy's waiting for his friend to arrive for his bachelor party. It looks like it's going to be a somber affair. They'll probably go somewhere quiet to trade stories about their wild days and express sincere hopes for their friend's future.

Random Encounter

Kiwi Report

Toddlers are all natural allies. When they encounter each other in the wild, they often greet each other, to trade news and strengthen their commitments to one another. Very important not to interrupt them while they're in dialogue.

Zero Given


This elderly woman has learned over a lifetime of being annoying that it's important to never give people an inch. If you have a small parade of strangers stacked up behind you on the moving walkway, never step aside. To do so would show weakness.

World's Best Suitcase

Travel Whip

It's always frustrating when someone takes your suitcase, because it's the same model as theirs. This suitcase eliminates any possibility of that happening. Here's the thing though - it's a carry on. Salute.



This man is unaware that he's standing in front of the bottom half of a woman wearing very non-orthodox clothing. Hopefully he never found out about this. His reaction would probably not have been pleasant.

Someone Checked a Stick


Security doesn't smile upon carrying large sticks onto a plane. This person had to check the stick instead. Why they had to check the stick at all remains an impenetrable mystery that will probably never be solved.

The Blind Pilot

This jokester pilot decided to dress up like he was blind for his walk to the plane. At least we assume it's a joke. One that was probably more funny to him than it was to most people who saw it.

The Lounge

Quivertree Family Expeditions

This place looks like an absolute party. I would stand in line for hours to get in. Tell me you wouldn't do the same if this was an actual night club in your city.

Crack Team


Airport security is critical to keep us all safe. It's important to have your privacy violated over and over again, subjected to nonsensical rituals and generally be treated like a dog. Especially considering how hard the eagle-eyed TSA agents work.



This isn't something you see every day. These are two people dressed like characters from Doctor Who. They're like, robot guys or something. I don't know, I don't watch Doctor Who.

Nigiri Bags


This is an interesting and cute way to differentiate your luggage from other people's. Put them in sleeves that make them look like huge pieces of nigiri. No mistaking those for anyone else's.

Carry On Chicken


It's not unusual for people to bring their own food onto planes. Plane meals are gouge priced and low quality. It's not usual, however, for people to carry on whole uncooked chickens. What's the plan here?

Dead Tired


This woman is either so tired she fell asleep on the floor or she is no longer alive. Hopefully it's the former and not the latter. She can't possibly stay in this position for very long before security wakes her up.

Zero Globes


There is a strict no-snowglobe policy at this airport. Zero tolerance for snowglobes. We all know how deadly snowglobes are. How many lives have been lost because of lax snowglobe security.

Welcome Home


This brilliant sign, assuredly not made by the kids themselves, is one for the scrapbook. Hopefully they are actually wearing underwear. But if they aren't, does it really matter?

Sleeper Cell


Again with the falling asleep in airports. This is probably the only option pictured in this article that's halfway reasonable. You do wake up with your neck in excruciating plane, but at least you're not on the floor.

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