These Are The Cheapest Cities to Live in the United States

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Given that the average American has far less than $10,000 in their bank account, the art of saving money is like an endangered species. Since everyone's looking to get the most bang for their buck these days, many Americans are picking up and moving to less expensive cities. Yes places like San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles are cool and all, but they aren't great options for those with tight wallets.

Here are the cheapest cities to live in the United States.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Cost of Living Ratio: 30%
Median Household Income: $54,581
Median Home Value: $221,000

People are retreating northern states for the south in droves. Not only is the cost of living much cheaper across southern cities, but the winter are much milder. Raleigh-Durham is one of the northernmost southern cities in the U.S. and has an annual high temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Not bad, eh?

Jacksonville, FL

Cost of Living Ratio: 30%
Median Household Income: $46,768
Median Home Value: $148,400

One of the cheaper and less humid cities to live in Florida, Jacksonville offers a small town feel despite having all the amenities you'll want and need. It's median home value is 11% lower than the rest of Florida and its cost of living is 2% lower than the rest of Florida. The most negative thing about Jacksonville is its crime rate, which is 32% higher than the state average.

Richmond, VA

Cost of Living Ratio: 31%
Median Household Income: $60,713
Median Home Value: $174,300

Richmond is consistently one of the most well-liked cities in Virginia. Inhabitants appreciate it's smaller size compared to the mid-Atlantic metropolises of the north, but note that Richmond has a great deal of vibrancy for its size.

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