There's a GoFundMe to Get Tapes of Trump from The Apprentice

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If you're not tired of hearing the words 'grab 'em by the pussy', then you have likely been living under some kind of rock for the past couple of weeks. Not so shockingly though, it would seem that Trump has said much worse that has both been recorded but has not yet reached our not-so-fragile ears. Currently more than 1,400 people are not only thinking about it, and they've put their money where their mouth in a GoFundMe campaign.

N-Bombs and More

When Trump was on The Apprentice he covered his bases in terms of making sure that incriminating videos and recordings of him stayed out of the press. The fee for breaking the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and releasing those tapes is $5.1 million. On these tape, he reportedly uses the n-word, and likely a lot worse if the past is any indicator. Mark Cuban was petitioned by Chris Nee (a screenwriter) to cover the fees both because he's rich and because he hates Trump (a lot.) They could definitely use him. At this point, it's only about $40,000 or so they've raised.

Check to see if you have some Purell before you shake his hand.

You're Fired

There have got to be a lot of nervous people out there — basically anyone who's ever had any interaction with Trump. Billy Bush has already been kicked off The Today Show, and career experts are doubtful of his chances of making a comeback. No one but deeply disturbed individuals want this kind of negative attention, so it makes sense that after NBC already suffered one blow, they don't want another. MGM has already purportedly threatened the staff members who may come out with this information.

Unrealistic Expectations

The thing is that, as social creatures, we're sort of programmed to do stupid stuff in an attempt at getting other people to like us. And it goes for both Trump and Bush. At this point, the media would likely skin people alive who nervously chuckled or even those who stayed entirely silent. People on the set said that he'd routinely ask men if they'd sleep with hot women who also worked there, and most people just laughed his comments off. The public seems to enjoy the circus that's been happening for the past year or so, and not only seem poised but also itching for more controversy, more arguments, more ways to tear each other apart online.

Nobody Has More Respect for Women

Jenn Hoffman recently published an article in Esquire where she talks about Trump's sexist treatment of women running throughout the course of the 6th season of The Apprentice. She states that those comments he made in the bus were said when he was planning to run for President, so the whole dismissal from people is ridiculous. She said that while on the show, they had conversations about the size of her boobs at the Playboy Mansion in comparison to the bunnies and witnessed his shock if gay dudes weren't interested in his daughter. These reports just reads like standard Trump stuff anymore.

They were all invited to try out for the next season.

Will It Matter?

It seems like Trump derives his power from saying these offensive comments. Plus, it's not really fair to judge people based on the stupid things they say when they think they're with their friends. The fact that he's not a trained politician saying platitudes like "I believe in life, liberty and the American way" is part of his overall charisma that people seem to have fallen so hard for. But maybe not. His poll numbers are dropping, and the GoFundMe could push it over the edge. He's already admitted that his die-hard supporters will never dessert him though. And it has gotten to the point where this writer would expect a response of "An honest man!" by his supporters were he to say something like "I've got a body in the trunk of my car!" So to a certain point, it's easy to trust that statement from him.

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