The Worst Cruise Ever?

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A Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship ended up being a floating construction site. Hundreds of passengers who paid thousands of dollars for the over-two week vacation are definitely not happy. They even took to social media while still on board to voice their concerns and frustration with the nightmare experience.

Facebook / Mae-Claire Dadoush Locke

What was supposed to be a relaxing time on the luxury vessel ended up being ruined by the cruise line’s “revitalization program.” Apparently, huge parts of the ship weren’t even accessible during the renovations. That could’ve been less frustrating if it wasn’t for the never-ending horrible noise coming from all the power tools. To add insult to injury, dust and debris were constantly blown all over the ship.

Facebook / Shelley Ayres

If that’s not bad enough, passengers even spotted potentially harmful chemicals exposed on all of the decks. Some even complained of respiratory problems, diarrhea, vomiting, sore eyes and skin irritation that could have very well come from breathing in the hazardous materials. Workers wore protective masks and clothing, which was not offered to any of the guests. While the passengers were warned about the construction, they couldn’t have possibly expected it to be as bad as it was.

Facebook / Keith Roos

The vessel’s metal supports were rubbed down and the old deck flooring was removed, replaced and polished. The cruise line tried to minimize the extent of the problem by making excuses and offering the disgruntled passengers a 25 percent discount on their next cruise, which is only valid for a year, but the angry patrons are seeking a full refund as well as additional compensation. Watch the video below to see a full report and more pictures of the mess...

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