The 'Ugliest Bride' Is Unrecognizable Now

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What would you do if your wedding photos went viral? Not because of something funny that happened during your wedding. Not because you were famous. But because you were "ugly?" This nightmare scenario occurred for the couple shown above, whose names are still, mercifully, unknown to the public. When they published photos of their wedding to their social media accounts, some cruel souls decided to re-publish them elsewhere. The woman came to be known as "the ugliest bride in the world."

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In our highly visual and superficial culture, physical appearance has only grown more valued with time. Although there is a countervailing "body positive" movement meant to soften the blow of cultural body expectations, it may be waging a losing battle. For most people, those expectations exist as a kind of atmospheric pressure. We hear the signal, but we don't hear it addressed specifically to us. This woman, after her photos went viral, was singled out to have her life blasted with a death star beam of pure internet hate.

In response, she undertook a dramatic physical transformation. The results are truly astonishing. Whatever her motivations were, whether fueled by self-love or trauma from her treatment, the change was unbelievable.

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