The Real-Life Iron Man Suit Is Officially For Sale

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With Marvel movies being so popular right now, most people associate the title Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr., the actor who portrays the super hero on the big screen. But there’s also a real-life Iron Man by the name of Richard Browning, an inventor with an unbelievable flying suit that actually works.

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The state-of-the-art rig is finally for sale, to the tune of $442,396. It’s being sold by the flying company Gravity that Browning launched in March of 2017 out of Wiltshire. Gravity describes itself as a "human propulsion technology start-up," whose mission "is to re-imagine the future of manned flight."

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He used a 3D printer, five jet engines and specialized electronic parts to build the suit, which can fly as high as 12,000 feet and reach a top speed of 32 mph. This broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed achieved in a body-controlled jet engine power suit. Browning, the son of a maverick aeronautical engineer and inventor, insists he wasn’t inspired by the comic book character that many now associate with his creation. Instead, according to an interview he did with the Daily Telegraph, his "approach to flight was augment the human mind and body, because they are amazing machines."

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He is an ultra-marathon runner and former Royal Marine Reservist. His company Gravity now offers three options for anyone who wants to experience the suit for themselves. The first allows people to hire Gravity for an event where they will be able to watch someone fly in the suit. The second actually lets users try it out in a controlled environment at Browning’s hangar. And third, of course, is just buying the suit all together. Check it out in action here.

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