The Golden Bridge Isn't As Old As It Looks

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Cau Vang, or Golden Bridge, is a new pedestrian footbridge near Da Nang in Vietnam. Two giant stone hands in the Ba Na hills hold up the 150-meter long bridge. It only stretches a little under a mile and rests 1,400 meters, or 4,600 feet, above sea level. The bridge, which cost $2 billion and was initially designed by TA Landscape Architecture, opened this summer after a year of construction.

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The pair of hands emerge from the verdant hills and have already become a popular tourist destination. The Ba Na mountain retreat was once a common vacation spot for French authorities in the early 1900s but sadly, during the 1945 revolution against colonial rule, it was largely destroyed. It has since been replicated, but remnants of the old villas are still visible in certain areas.

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The 500-foot long structure touches the clouds and offers visitors a chance to see many beautiful things, like the chrysanthemum flowers that line the Trường Sơn Mountains. There’s also the Thien Thai gardens and an alpine roller coaster, as well as a nonstop, single-track cable car that the Guinness World Records recognizes as the longest on the planet.

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There’s definitely a sharp contract between the stone hands, which are made to look incredibly old, and the clearly brand new golden walkway. The bridge is part of a project that hopes to bring more tourists to the area, and so far it’s working. People from all over the world have come to marvel at the amazing architecture and stroll along the gorgeous scenery. It’s also now a very popular spot for pictures and videos that have been flooding social media sites. Check it out in the video below...

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