Tequila In A Cloud? This New Invention Will Rock Your Next Party

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Are you a fan of tequila? Do you like vapor? An ad company just combined the two and people are getting all sorts of excited. Welcome to the first tequila cloud.

Lapiz, an ad company that serves as a unit of Leo Burnett Company Inc., showed off this world's first tequila cloud in Berlin. They then put together a commercial using this invention as a tequila shower, saying "Forget the winter, have a taste of Mexico."


Using ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila, the company was literally able to transform it into a mist that can be absorbed by anyone walking the street. For the sake of this display, the cloud was set to rain only when it rained in Berlin (luckily March is the city's wettest month).

Of course, this contraption won't be used literally. That would cause all sorts of liability issues, especially if underage people are around. Duh. We can dream though.

It's merely a promotional vehicle to encourage tourism to Mexico, a nation that's been struggling economically over recent years.

As you know vaping is a major activity in our culture these days, but vaping alcohol is still a relatively new thing. There are options for those who want the feeling of a quick and heavy buzz but don't want to gulp down the nastiness that is liquor shots.

Now it's time for an obligatory "don't try this at home" message. Yes, vaping alcohol isn't good for you. This is primarily due to the rapid speed at which alcohol seeps into your bloodstream, plus the inability to gauge how much you're inhaling at once.

Companies like Vapshot offer products that only give you around 1/60th of a shot in each vap bottle to prevent disasters from happening. On its website, the brand says, "Vapshot... contains very little alcohol, but enough to give you an instant buzz and feel like you just drank a liquid shot of alcohol, but because it's just a fraction of the amount, it only lasts 15 minutes." This sounds like a cure for those looking for a longer lasting zenith.

When you take regular shots, you quickly find yourself on the other side of the zenith, which is bad. If vaping keeps you sane for longer, count me in. It might sound like an As Seen On TV product at the moment, but this one could wind up being a useful tool in your man cave sooner rather than later.


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