Teenager Terms In The 21st Century

April 7, 2017 | Matt

The Brofessional Guide To Teen Slang

If you know any teenagers or merely spend the occasional hour in the trendier neighborhoods of the internet, you’ve probably heard some unfamiliar slang terms. Isn’t it funny how quickly we pass over into the cultural blind spot? If you’re among the perplexed, this guide will help clarify just what the hell the kids are┬átalking about.

Man Repeller


To be fully engaged in party mode. May or may not refer to high levels of intoxication. When you’re at the club and you’ve paid a month’s salary for a bottle of vodka so you might as well dance on the table and get into a fight later.

The Atlantic


Your group of closest fraands. The clique of sassy drunks you spend every weekend with. A community of people trapped in a complex web of power struggles and unspoken hostilities over who slept with whom.

YouTube – garthware fitness


Usually used in conjunction with “squad.” Squad goals refers to when your group of friends wants to achieve a higher level of status, or do something cool. Such as look like a group of male strippers.