Supersonic Air Travel Is Coming Back

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A conglomeration of British and French companies developed the Concorde. It took its first flight in 1969. It didn't enter commercial service until 1976. After its debut, the Concorde stayed airborne until 2003.

The Concorde Is Now Forgotten

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The plane was capable of holding up to 128 passengers. During its heyday, it was virtually unchallenged. It was one of only two supersonic passenger airliners to ever see use. The other was the Tupolev Tu-144, a Soviet aircraft that was only in service in 1977 and 1978.

The Concorde took its final flight in 2003, and since then, has largely faded from memory. While it was once an icon of the international jet setting people, it is now barely remembered at all.

Supersonic flight comes with its own set of problems, that may outweigh its benefits. As mentioned, tickets were exorbitantly expensive. The Concorde, while a wonder for the passengers, was a bit of a nightmare for everyone else. For one, it was a massive polluter. It also produced sound that was literally deafening to people on the ground. Its social costs, in the eyes of many, were too extreme to justify its use. Those same eyes are now turned towards the new breed of supersonic jet, and are leveling the same criticisms.

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