Strange New Fashion Line Set To Hit Stores Soon

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The world of high fashion can sometimes seem a bit confusing to outsiders, with top designers always trying to outdo each other no matter what the cost. Everyday consumers are often questioning if many of the outlandish designs can even be considered clothes, especially when they look anything like Craig Green's most recent collaboration with Moncler.

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The collection, which was announced in February during Milan fashion week, is finally set to be released to the public and the promotional campaign is revealing to everyone how truly strange the clothes are. Remo Ruffini, the owner of the brand, planned eight new collaborations, including Green's, that he calls the Genius Group.

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As a way to keep up with evolving release trends and social media's influence on the fashion world, Moncler will be making each designer's work available every month, with Green's odd line being available soon. His collection is by far the most conceptual, and the internet doesn't know what to think of these weird designs.

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Many have compared the outfits to sleeping bags, the Michelin Man, Baymax from Big Hero 6, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, and Seinfeld's puffy shirt. The fact that the outfits cost hundreds of dollars is just adding to the public's perturbed reaction. The most expensive jacket is even almost a couple thousand bucks.

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The company is curious to see how the line actually performs when it comes to sales, and it will certainly determine how creative they allow themselves to be moving forward, especially in regard to clothing that won't just be for the runway. Check out a quick promotional video for the line below...

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