So Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is A Thing Now

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Food is getting crazier and crazier. With taste buds changing and palates evolving, it’s no surprise that people are willing to experiment. Almost every type of food is now being used in ways that most would’ve never thought possible. But sometimes this can go too far. Enter mayonnaise ice cream.

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Ice cream flavors have been going to some pretty weird places lately, seeing scoops inspired by pizza, meat, ghost peppers, lobster, Cheetos, ketchup, foie gras, squid ink and even breast milk. Now a creamery in Falkirk, Scotland called ICE Artisan Ice Cream has introduced mayonnaise ice cream and people don’t know what to think.

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This isn’t the first time cooks have used the condiment in making desserts, as it can do a great job moistening up a cake, but this is definitely taking things to the next level. Mayonnaise on its own can be fairly divisive, except in the UK where it actually outsells ketchup. Brave foodies are happy to spend the $2.62 to give it a try.

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Shockingly, people really like the new flavor, complimenting how creamy it makes the ice cream. Others are still too scared to try it, but if it catches on they just might have to. The owner of the shop told the Today show that the flavor is a “full-on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy, milky aftertaste.”

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One of the reason many are confused by this experimental dessert is that the only previously known combination of these two foods existed in the world of pranks. There are tons of videos online where people are tricked into eating a big scoop what looks like ice cream. Check out one of the videos below...

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