So England Has A Scarecrow Festival…

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Believe it or not, scarecrows are still a thing. So much so that there is actually a festival dedicated to finding the most creative ways to keep birds away from crops. Harpole village in Northamptonshire, England has actually held 21 of the events, which take place over two days once a year.

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According to its website, “The Harpole Scarecrow Festival raises funds for a variety of village charities and community projects. We aim to provide residents and visitors with a weekend of simple traditional entertainment, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

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Beyond the scarecrow displays, the festival has plenty of fun activities for kids and adults, like food stands, bars, souvenir shops, rides, arts and crafts, pet accommodations and a whole lot more. The organizers want to make sure everyone has a good time for a good cause.

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It started back in 1997 to raise funds for All Saints Church and other community projects, and thanks to a group of local representatives, the festival has continued to grow ever since. It currently attracts over 10,000 visitors every year, many of whom travel pretty far distances to get there.

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The festival takes all 12 months to prepare for, and is completely planned and run by volunteers and helpers who do the best they can to make sure guests have the best possible time and experience something new every year.

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On top of all this is, of course, the scarecrow competitions. There are several categories to enter, like Best Scarecrow, Best Traditional Scarecrow, Best Non-Traditional Scarecrow, Best Themed Scarecrow, Best Mobile Scarecrow, Most Amusing Scarecrow, and even a Children's Competition. Which scarecrow is your favorite?

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