Snapchat Will Start Producing Unscripted Shows?

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The photo-then-disappearing app has come forward with its plans to go public this March. While that alone is huge news, Snapchat has thickened the plot by announcing a new content partnership with television giant A&E Networks, to develop the world's first unscripted reality TV drama series to air on Snapchat.

Called "Second Chance," the show would bring "emotional exes face to face to explore the breaking point in their relationship for the first time. In this sincere setting, couples seeking closure will also discover heartfelt opportunities for reconciliation." Doesn't sound drastically different from other melodramatic shows, but the medium on which it's presented certainly is.

The program will run for 8 weeks, airing one episode each week in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. It's technically the second Snapchat show deal announced this week following a deal with the BBC to develop a special Planet Earth II series using footage that failed to make the cut into the final TV show.

Snapchat has made it clear they are going to incorporate more show content via their venture with A&E, and will take full advantage of that company's relationship with Disney and Hearst. Other entities that have solidified deals with Snapchat include NBC, Time Warner's Turner, E!, and Disney networks like ESPN and ABC.

The A&E deal isn't solely for the betterment of Snapchat. A&E believes this will grant them access to the cable-cutting generation of 20-somethings, many of whom couldn't name an A&E show if their lives depended on it. This relationship can prove extremely fruitful for increasing brand exposure and familiarizing audiences with the A&E name.

Premium content offered via social media is quickly becoming the new normal, as old school production companies continue to struggle to cater to younger audiences. Instagram's parent company Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all vocalized their intentions to expand into this realm of programming. YouTube might be the closest in this vein, having launched their subscription platform YouTube Red fairly recently.

In other words, this is only the beginning of the fusion between old school TV and new age social media. Snap says it will announce more partners in the near future which will only stimulate competition from the others.

What does this all add up to? The end of cable, once and for all. Although experts have predicting this trend for years, it would appear that it's definitely coming to fruition as of 2017.

Maybe Jared Leto will be given a Snap Show?

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