Smart Speakers are Scaring People

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Smart speakers are one of the most popular tech trends today. With Artificial intelligence powering the devices' virtual assistants, our relationship with technology is being taken to the next level. Products like the Amazon Echo with Alexa voice-control, Apple’s HomePod with Siri and Google’s Home with Assistant are competing at the top of the market. But with this type of advanced tech, downsides can be frustrating, and in this case, legitimately scary.


Consumers are claiming that their smart speakers are accidentally activating on their own. This might not sound too bad, except when you consider that this has been happening at completely random times throughout the day and night. It could be funny if the devices were just mistaking conversational statements for commands. But it becomes terrifying when you’re home alone at night and a smart speaker starts answering unasked questions. Yikes.

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As scary as that sounds, it's nothing compared to the latest glitch, which causes what is arguably the only thing worse than a disembodied voice. Users have been hit with unprompted laughter. Videos of Amazon Echo’s Alexa cackling out of nowhere are going viral online. While the device is actually programmed to laugh at jokes, this unfortunate side effect is really freaking people out. Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by what sounds like a child laughing.

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Some commercials and television shows, like South Park, have tried to intentionally activate the devices. There were reports of one ad causing Alexa to order cat food. But again, these issues are always scarier when they happen for no reason. While we’re still a long way from anything out of The Terminator, it’s definitely closer than ever before. Check out the video below to see Jimmy Kimmel get to the bottom of this...

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