Silicon Valley Homeless Man Isn't Asking For Money, Instead...

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The tech world can be a rough place, regardless of talent or experience. For many up-and-comers in Silicon Valley, especially outsiders with no cash or connections, the gamble of trying to make it there doesn’t always pay off.

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26-year-old David Casarez is an example of how difficult tech can truly be. According to NBC Bay Area, he graduated from Texas A&M University, has worked steadily since then, decided to become a web developer in 2016 and moved to Silicon Valley last September to launch a startup. But things didn’t go his way and he ended up having to live in his van, which eventually became too expensive, so recently he’s been sleeping in a park.

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But instead of asking for money, he’s been handing out his resume. A woman who came across him on a corner took his picture and posted it on Twitter. And with that one tweet, David went viral, and people all over world have been reaching out to help. One Twitter user, Austen Allred, the CEO of Lambda School, wrote, "Emailed him. He’ll be taken care of one way or another, probably doesn’t even need us. Anyone else with this much gumption and hustle please send my way.” He also helped David get an apartment and offered assistance with interview preparation.

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David, who now has his own twitter account, expressed his gratitude with, "Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of support you have given me! No amount of good deed on my part could ever repay that debt. I am responding to each and every one of you who have come across my inbox with a carefully crafted response. Thank you for the support!” Watch the video below to learn more about the Silicon Valley homeless crisis...

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