Secret Rave Hidden Behind Portable Toilet

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The Eastern Electrics Festival in the UK had plenty to offer everyone in attendance, and some lucky guests were even treated to an additional party that took a bit of creativity to find. Porta Potties are a fixture at these types of outdoor events, which typically take place in rural areas far away from the joys of indoor plumbing. But in most cases, they serve only a single function. Not at the EE Festival…

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Easter Electrics took place at Morden Park in London last Saturday and Sunday August 4th and 5th. It featured dozens of acts on multiple stages, with one that not all of the concertgoers were able to experience. Most probably had no idea it was even happening. Others maybe heard rumors but surely thought it was a joke. A few fortunate and brave souls found themselves actually walking through a portable toilet that was equipped with a second door on the other end of the entrance…

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There was a row of Porta Potties that a lot of people tried to avoid at all costs, but one of them wasn’t was it appeared to be. What looked like all the others was really a gateway to a tent that was barely visible from the other side. There couldn’t have been a bigger contrast from inside the toilet to the rave, which was decked out in awesome lights, gear and music.

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Many have drawn comparisons to Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, and pictures and videos of the discovery have made their way online. And this isn’t the first time a festival has used this interesting trick. Check out the video below to see another instance of a secret rave hidden behind a portable toilet door…

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