Salute to Fathers: You Guys Are The Bomb

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It shouldn't require a "holiday" to remind us about the importance of dads, but nevertheless yesterday was Father's Day. An occasion where we hang out with pops, talk about old times and drink beer. It sounds basic but it couldn't be more fun. I think beer tastes better alongside loved ones, but that's just a theory.

Father's Day has become an international phenomenon, celebrated by some of the world's biggest countries. But the way each country marks the occasion is especially unique.

Thailand celebrates the occasion on the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, also considered the Father of the Nation. In his honor, people wear yellow and present bright canna flowers to their fathers.

Instead of being celebrate in June, the people of Thailand celebrate it in December of each year.

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In Mexico, the tradition is called Dia del Padre and is commemorated on the 3rd Sunday in June, like in the States. Mexico City holds a city-wide race called Carrera Dia del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan, involving a bunch of fathers running through the nation's capital.

In New Zealand, Father's Day takes place on the 1st Sunday in September, where children gift their fathers handmade cards, bake goodies, and prepare his favorite meal to coincide with a cup of tea.

South Africa follows a similar formula to that of the United States. The day is also celebrated on the third Sunday of June and features the usual fatherly presents.

Germany celebrates their Father's Day in unison with Mannertag, otherwise known as Man's Day. Events include hiking, biking, and of course plenty of drinking. It's on the 6th Sunday after Easter—which requires too much counting for my liking.

Meanwhile our friends to the north—no not Canada—in Finland celebrate Father's Day on the 2nd Sunday in November. Apparently they like doing things in the dark (Finland is very cold and dark that time of year). Fathers get the privilege of sleeping in and getting their favorite breakfasts cooked for them, paired with their favorite styles of coffee.

In Nepal, the occasion is celebrated in late summer and is called Gokarna Aunsi. The literal translation is rather bleak: "cow earned no moon night." But anyway, it's a celebration of fathers, and that's a beautiful thing.

So when you go about your business for the rest of the year, be sure to call up dad from time to time. You don't need Father's Day as a reason to do this, it should happen organically.

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