Safe Found In Couple's Backyard Was Actually Filled With...

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Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel of Staten Island, New York found a metal box that had been hidden behind some trees in their backyard. They had noticed it when they moved in but figured it was just some sort of cable or electrical box. But when they had to do a bit of yard work due to some damaged tress, they discovered the box was actually an old safe.

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When it was opened, the couple saw an incredible $52,000 in cash that was wet, as well as gold and diamonds stashed in plastic bags. They found jewelry, diamonds, dozens of rings, including engagement rings, and gold with jade. This is something that almost everyone has dreamt about at one point or another, to have all their financial problems solved with just a random find. Well it actually happened to Matthew and Maria. But then they saw something else. Beyond all of the amazing valuables, the most curious piece found was an address, that belongs to one of their neighbors, written on a piece of paper.

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This was a critical juncture for the couple, who could’ve easily ignored the note and kept the contents. But they instead decided to investigate. This led to an even more amazing discovery. After speaking to the neighbors, who said they had been robbed years ago, the cops were called. The New York Police Department confirmed that the day after Christmas 2011, a burglary happened at that exact address where the robbers took just a safe containing $52,000 in cash and valuables. The owners were thrilled to get back what they were convinced they’d never see again. And the Colonna-Emanuels were more than happy to help. Check out a news report on the beautiful event below...

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