A Russian Dash Cam Filmed A Yeti (Maybe)

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Before there was the legend of Bigfoot, there was Yeti. The word refers to a huge, bipedal hominid that is rumored to stalk the frozen wastes of northern Eurasia. And a dash cam in Russia may have just captured some of the strongest video evidence for its existence yet.

The footage was taken in the Republic of Bashkortostan, an area noted for being a hotbed of reported Yeti sightings. A man named Vadim Gilmanov was traveling from the town of Uchali, chatting with his friends in the car, when someone noticed that a strange, white form was moving across the road at the end of their headlights.

In the footage, what appears to be a man-like, off-white creature sprints across the road before disappearing into the darkness.

"I mean it could have been someone's cruel prank," Gilmanov told a local television station about the sighting. "But on the other hand, who else could dash out so quickly in the middle of the night? In the middle of nowhere."

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Some of the strongest corroborating evidence for the validity of sightings like Gilmanov is that they often occur in circumstances that would be borderline suicidal for pranksters to seek out. A snowy, sub-zero Russian backwoods road in the middle of the night is an unlikely place for a man in an ape suit to wait patiently, in the hope that whoever was driving the car that came down the road (if one came at all) would have a dash cam, and wouldn't respond to them by trying to shoot them.

The proliferation of consumer video electronics has marked an increase in alleged Yeti, Bigfoot and Skunk Ape (the southern United States' answer to Sasquatch) footage. People have captured what they think to be mystery hominids via dash cam, go pro, drone and heat vision cameras.

Obviously, the footage alone is not strong enough evidence to prove the existence of the Yeti. Most scientists demand physical proof, in the form of a distinct genetic code gathered from hair, tissue or scat samples, or a body. A fringe of mainstream scientists, most famously Dr. Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist at Idaho State University, are vocal advocates for the plausibility of the Bigfoot claim.

Whether it's real or not, the footage is still pretty spooky. Yeti videos tend to be debunked almost as fast as they pop up, so if you're a believer, don't get your hopes up too high.



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