Robot Assembles Ikea Furniture

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A robot in Singapore has accomplished what many humans consider to be an impossible task. The machine, designed and built at Nanyang Technological University, assembled an Ikea chair in 20 minutes and 19 seconds. That’s including the time it took to make the plan, as well as execute it. The custom software used in the robot, along with a three-dimensional camera, two robotic arms, grippers and force detectors, was designed to mimic human biology.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

And this is not the first time tech teams have attempted this feat. The ultimate goal is to have the robots on factory floors assembling the furniture on a much larger scale. Even the successful robot failed several times before the researchers tweaked the system enough to complete the build. After three years of work the team is looking forward to figuring out what else they can design robots to do. They want to continue advancing this specific activity, but instead of using just written instructions, they’d like to see if the robot can follow spoken or even visual directions.


While it’s incredible that the robot actually assembled the $25 solid-pine Stefan chair, it will be a much bigger challenge to put together more complex items. An assistant professor of engineering at the university, Dr. Quang-Cuong Pham, said in a statement, “If you think about it, it requires perception, it requires you to plan a motion, it requires control between the robot and the environment, it requires transporting an object with two arms simultaneously. Because this task requires so many interesting skills for robots, we felt that it could be a good project to push our capabilities to the limit.” Check out the video below to see the amazing robot in action...

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