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If you haven't seen The Girlfriend Experience on Starz, I think it's fair to say that you are missing out for a multitude of reasons. I came across the show by accident a few weeks ago, and binge watched the everliving hell out of it (it's only one season, so it really wasn't that impressive). The main reason for my binge of a show I had never even heard of, much less seen? That would be a WHOLE lot of gorgeous actress Riley Keough, the protagonist of The Girlfriend Experience. Let's just say you get to see ALL of Riley in this show as well - The Girlfriend Experience has enough sex scenes to make Game of Thrones seem like a show that Nickelodeon might air after a slate of Sunday morning cartoons.

The show is based around Riley Keough's character, Christine, who decides to fund her law school education with a side gig as a high-priced escort; Christine is an escort who provides her clients with the full "girlfriend experience," instead of just sex. I won't spoil any key plot points for you, but let's just say that the show is titillating (word choice extremely intentional) and keeps you watching, both for the story itself, and of course for the goddess that is Riley Keough.

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If you haven't heard of Riley Keough before, chances are pretty good that you know her mother, Lisa Marie Presley. And that sounds familiar, then I'm guessing you definitely have heard of her grandparents - Priscilla Presley and some dude named Elvis Presley.

Yes, Riley is Elvis's granddaughter, so it's no surprise that this 27-year old babe had an inside track into Hollywood. However, with her stunning looks and excellent acting in her first leading role in a series, it won't be surprising if Riley Keough becomes a household name in the near future. For now, check her out - and again, I mean REALLY check her out - in The Girlfriend Experience. You definitely will not be disappointed!

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