Record Broken For The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

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It’s finally been confirmed that Rodrigo Koxa broke the record for the biggest wave ever surfed. This actually happened months ago, in November of 2017. In Nazare, Portugal, he rode an 80-foot, 24.4-metre wave beating the previous record set by Garrett McNamara in 2011 when he surfed a 78-foot, 23.77-metre wave in the same location. Before McNamara, the record-breaking ride took place on a wave that was over a foot smaller.

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The Nazare Challenge, which is part of The World Surf League’s Big Wave Tour, is home to some of the biggest, most dangerous waves ever. The actual award ceremony was held in Santa Monica at Red Bull Headquarters, where Koxa was officially recognized as the winner of the Quicksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award, as well as the Guinness World Record. This is even more impressive considering Koxa almost died attempting the same feat in 2014. He said the experience was so traumatic he wasn’t able to get back on his board for months, stating, "I had bad dreams, I didn't travel, I got scared, and my wife helped me psychologically. Now, I'm just so happy, and this is the best day of my life. Thank you to WSL, it's a dream come true.”

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Speaking of wipeouts, one of the other awards, for Wipeout of the Year, was given to Andrew Cotton, who is still recovering and hopes to be surfing again sooner than later. It was a great night full of good vibes, with one of the most memorable moments happening when former record holder Garrett McNamara congratulated Koxa, noting that the two actually lived together in Hawaii years ago. Check out Koxa's incredible performance on the record-breaking wave below...

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