Rats Destroy $18,000 Worth Of ATM Money

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An ATM belonging to the State Bank of India, or SBI, in Assam’s Tinsukia district, was invaded by rodents who chewed up thousands of dollars worth of cash. The machine was located, more specifically, in Laipuli, an area that had been closed since May. After mechanical issues, the ATM was left unattended for almost a month. In June, repairmen finally went to work on the machine, but found piles of money “shredded into tiny pieces.”

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The bills were actually Indian rupee notes, totaling around Rs 12 lakh, or Rs 12,38,000, mostly Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes. Many are wondering why the ATM was left alone for so long, as three weeks is a suspicious amount of time for one of the machines to be out of service. While the technical failure left the ATM abandoned on May 20th, a private security firm had deposited a large amount of money just the day before. On June 11th, when the technicians arrived, they found almost all of the contents completely destroyed, but were able to recover some untouched bills.

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In an interesting twist, a local journalist tweeted a video showing a dead rat laying in a pile of shredded money, that soon went viral. In response, the HDFC Bank clarified that it was not one of their ATMs in a tweet that said, "Pls note this is NOT an HDFC Bank ATM. The below photograph has been doing rounds on social media for sometime. Like we have said earlier, this isn’t an HDFC Bank ATM. This seems like a prank but unfortunately showing our bank in bad light. Please do not believe in it.” Either way, rats destroyed a bunch of money, and that’s pretty crazy...

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