Rat Pulling Fire Alarm Caught On Camera

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A condo complex in Washington DC had to be evacuated after a rat pulled one of the building's fire alarms. The incredible incident was caught on camera, and the footage can be seen below. The only thing more amazing than a rat pulling a fire alarm would be if the rodent did it because there was an actual fire and it was trying to save the residents. As remarkable as that would've been, thankfully no one was ever in danger and the evacuation went smoothly with no reported injuries.

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This wild news comes on the heels of another odd rat story, specifically a video of a rat showering that went viral over the summer. The quick clip exploded on social media and many wondered if the unbelievable footage of a long-tail rat scrubbing itself with soap was real or fake. Sadly, for some, it's not a rat and it's not bathing. The animal is actually a Peruvian pacarana, a South American brown rodent that can weigh as much as 30 pounds. And that's not all...

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Analysts say that the rodent appears to be trying to get the soap off, not necessarily washing with it. Some have accused the man who filmed the video of putting the lather on first, but he says he found the pacarana in that state and captured the footage. Either way, it's clear now that the shower rat isn't real, but it joins the ranks among pizza rat, who was seen carrying a full slice of pizza through New York City, and fire alarm rat, both of which are authentic. Check out the footage of fire alarm rat here...