Cleveland Fans Dealt with NBA Finals Loss by Watching a Certain Kind of Video

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There's a certain genre of videos that seems to appeal to a wide range of people. Porn. And there's an inextricable link between traffic spikes on porn sites and a city's team losing a big sports event. On Monday, the website Pornhub noticed a massive spike in traffic in the state of Ohio shortly following the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss in the NBA Finals.

According to Pornhub's traffic stats, at the start of Monday's game both Cleveland and San Francisco were seeing below average porn viewing (-15% in San Francisco and -17% in Cleveland). Traffic across the United States was down 8% overall.

By the end of the game, things had changed significantly. San Francisco was down to -21% below average while Cleveland saw a big bump. Between Midnight and 1am eastern time, Cleveland saw a +28% spike in Pornhub traffic, undoubtedly from miserable Cavs fans looking to cultivate a feel good moment.

This isn't a huge shock. Historically speaking, porn sites see a drop in traffic whenever there's a major sporting event—since you know, guys are the main viewers of porn. But it's especially funny in this instance since Cleveland fans have a reputation for being all-around pretty miserable.

Pornhub is a beacon of truth and honor, so there's no reason to question their totals. The website took part in an anti-Zika initiative last year that allowed anyone using the site in Brazil to get a premium account so that they were encouraged to masturbate over engaging in sex.

In addition, Pornhub handed out Zika protection kits which featured a Pornhub Premium gift card, a tissue box, a canister of bug spray, and a bottle of lube.

For Cleveland fans, the best way to overcome defeat by the Warriors is not to masturbate. Instead they should fly to the San Francisco bay area and go on a date with a local. That way they can solve their horny issue while making the enemy their friend. Seems like a win-win.

Otherwise, they can simply wait until next year to enact their revenge and leave San Francisco bay area people to be the ones left masturbating. Alone.

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