Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Road

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This is definitely something you don’t see everyday. A small plane carrying 6 people was forced down onto a road in Calgary.

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After suddenly losing power, the pilot safely landed the Piper Navajo on 36th Street near 16th Avenue N.E. on Wednesday. Considering the circumstances, the fact that the only damage was to a light post is pretty amazing. As soon as she started having trouble with the engine, the pilot radioed the control tower to report the problem. She could be heard saying, "I've just lost the right fuel pump.” The plane was heading to Calgary International Airport when the pilot, who has decades of experience, had to improvise.

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The specific cause of the failure and exact details of the malfunction are currently being investigated. An investigator, who feels it’s too early to speculate, released a statement on behalf of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, "We will be collecting data, we'll conduct witness interviews, we'll examine and photograph the wreckage. We’ll also examine the maintenance history, meteorological conditions, operation of the equipment, operation policies, and regulation requirements.”

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While the passengers were certainly shaken up following the incident, so were the witnesses. Many morning commuters couldn’t believe their eyes, but still managed to snap pictures and take videos of the crazy scene, which included dozens of police cars and emergency vehicles. Even after the actual landing, the plane remained on the road for the rest of the day while waiting for the proper equipment to come remove it. This type of issue isn’t uncommon, with most cases being able to make it to an airport runway, but ending up on a public road definitely is. Watch the incredible landing below...

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