Some (maybe) Useful Advice for Planning a Summer Bash on a Budget

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It's that time again. Summer is upon us! And if you aren't attending a party then you're likely planning one. But for many of us, finances can be a massive deterrent to a good time.

How do we create an event that everyone wants to attend while NOT going into debt?

Here are some tips to help you accomplish this...

Create a Facebook Event

Gone are the days of making dozens upon dozens of phone calls to friends in order to organize your party. All you have to do these days is create a Facebook event.

The reason why Facebook is so great? Well, a) it's easy to use, b) everyone's on there at all hours of the day anyway, and c) you can track who's going to attend your event and who isn't through the RSVP option.

What's not to love about FB? Whether you're planning an office party or a weekend bash in your two-bedroom apartment, Facebook is a tool you should be using.

Plan it Around a Televised Event

In terms of sports, there aren't a ton of events happening during the summer months—unless you're into baseball—but who knows? Maybe you and your friends are avid cyclists and obsessed with the Tour de France?

You get the drift.

The point is, an ancillary event can help galvanize your troops and give them a reason to attend.

Food Gets Them in the Door

Human nature's bizarre fascination with FREE food is quite fascinating, but also very useful for the sake of your occasion.

And despite what you might think, food costs don't have to break the bank. You can make a few dozen people very happy by simply offering them a spread of chips and dip. Oh, and of course beer.

Even if you're planning a Friday afternoon office party, you can easily entice your employees and co-workers with a few boxes of Domino's pizza and some packs of chips. I'm getting hungry just thinking about this NOT gourmet meal, but maybe that's just me.

Consult the Right Resources

As credible as we may sound, us dudes at The Brofessional are not pro event planners.

If your bash is set to be so massive that you truly need event consulting services, turn to the real professionals.

What we DO know is how to save money. And that is something worth celebrating in and of itself.

Final Tidbit of Knowledge

Don't purchase a bouncy castle. That is all...

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