These People Became Celebrities On Accident

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Some people struggle for their entire lives to become even marginally famous. They move to LA, dedicate thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to grooming, acting classes and personal coaching in pursuit of celebrity. The vast majority of them fail. Still others stumble into fame completely on accident. For lots of them, it's a burden.

Allison Stokke

Like Allison Stokke, a pole vaulter who became an overnight sensation online when a photo of her at a track meet went viral. She was only seventeen when this photo was taken, and it changed her life completely.

Stokke and her family struggled against the tidal wave of unwanted attention she got from anonymous admirers. But she kept vaulting through college. Stokke, like the others on this list, never courted the public eye. An eye that's still watching them.

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